“As an artist, it has long been a goal to be featured in a respected art magazine. I wanted to increase the level and sophistication about trans politics by contributing to the conversation. I was thrilled when Artforum agreed last summer to publish an article on my new work. I crafted the work with everything I had, and it was so eloquently articulated by David Getsy, a writer I greatly admire. I expected to feel pride and jubilation, but instead I felt deep sadness when I learned my milestone rested on a history of women being harassed, objectified, and belittled. Neither David or I knew about the disturbing pattern of sexual harassment at the magazine. Now we do, and we could not let this go unaddressed.  Our anger about these revelations remains, but we are encouraged that the magazine is under new direction. We look forward to this change. We learned that the article is not accessible for people who do not subscribe to Artforum. For this reason we have uploaded it here so that you may read it for free.” 
-Cassils and David Getsy