Cassils Awarded 2017 Guggenheim Memorial Fellowship

Los Angeles, CA.– Cassils Studio is thrilled to announce that they have been awarded a 2017 Guggenheim Memorial Fellowship.

The coveted fellowship is awarded to “individuals who have already demonstrated exceptional capacity for productive scholarship or exceptional creative ability in the arts.” – Guggenheim Foundation

“A Guggenheim Memorial Foundation Grant at this pivotal career juncture will allow me to present highly­ developed, cohesive bodies of work while also fostering the opportunity to take important risks working with new materials, forms, and modes of public engagement. A grant of this magnitude will help support the development and production of five major works, physical conditioning and choreographic development for live performances as my art practice continues to expand and develop in frequency, scale, and ambition. The projects proposed for development exemplify my unique perspective as a non­binary trans artist and will advance my multidisciplinary practice that combines physical culture, body art, sculpture, performance, film, and new media. These works aim to challenge us to examine our various modes of participation in repeated scenes of violence as victims, instigators, witnesses, and as consumers of mass media.” – Cassils